Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 Must See Sci Fi Movies - Release Dates and Trailers

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Time to seriously geek out-

2016 has long been promised as the year of the Geek, and with multiple sci fi titles coming from some of the biggest studios in Hollywood scheduled to hit the big screen this year, we will not be disappointed. From original scripts, anticipated spin-offs, and big-ticket sequels, the 1% of the left coast have done their part to keep the masses entertained. But with our first two films belonging to the realms of darker discord, is Hollywood predicting the fall of the American Empire?

Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice
Release date - (March 25)

To be honest, I'm still waiting for a Superman film that compares to the first Chris Reeve release. However, this could be a good one- the thing that troubles me is the dialogue coming from director Zack Snyder that the contest is a new concept, fabricated to fold in the Justice League to the DC film franchise. I'm sorry- did I hallucinate the Dark Knight conflict? Did Bats not drain the entire electrical resources of Suicide Slum to zap Supes? Didn't Ollie distract him with a kryptonite arrow? My apologies if my memories don't work like they used to... Also, still not an Affleck fan.

Captain America: Civil War
Release date - (April 29)

Following on the tail of the blockbuster performance of Deadpool, Marvel Comics continues it's domination of the box office by visualizing the sibling rivalry between Captain America and Iron Man, brought to a head though the majesty of re-interpretative sparkle-fresh cinemagic. Dark, painful, and sometimes catty, the expansive Marvel Universe takes it's sweet time to choose sides and pair off in the conflict project some pundits are observing as the one off competition of last months Big Blue Boy Scout and the Dark Knight match. In the end, it still comes down to the age-old question... do you prefer DC or Marvel?

X-Men: Apocalypse
Release date - (May 19)

Seen as the rail-jumping, big gamble, marketing ploy long needed in the X-Men film franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse removes Magneto as the central protagonist and looks toward the past to find an intriguing bad-guy. As a fan of the Future Days Past story line, I am hoping that Apocalypse inserts fresh air into a story line so complex, Stan Lee himself would need to be signed for a long-term contract to help make sense of it all. Once all the ducks are in place, I'm looking forward to a little time in Genosha...

Warcraft: The Beginning
Release date - (June 3)

With 70 million registered users in the World of Warcraft gaming community, even a modest showing at the box office could drive credible ticket sales for this summer release. I mean, I put my grinding hours in to get to level 80, and when the cap was lifted... never mind. With an already convoluted trailer out showing an impressive attention to game lore, it is the writing and plot structure that will make or break this pic. Azeroth from the beginning, when the Orcs spill out from the gate - it will take some creative production values to bring an audience, no matter how well versed in Blizzard's behemoth, in line with nearly 20 years of gaming lore.

Independence Day: Resurgence
Release date - (June 24)

Unfortunately, I"m not holding out much hope for this release. It'll be huge in the box office without a doubt, but I don;t see myself skipping work to see this opening day. Now, don't get me wrong- I loved ID4. Like everyone else in the audience, I stood up for an ovation at the end- it was a feel good, humanity-gathering pic with decent SFX and an OK cast. Will Smith was amazing, and that helped. Randy Quiad was fantastic, and that added weight. Everyone else... meh. It balances out in the end. This time around- it's the same aliens with the same cast, without Will Smith or Randy Quaid. Maybe when it hits Netflix...

Release date - (July 15)

I can see myself lining up for this one- though there are the haters out there, I am respecting the original film's formula of pairing SNL alumni to build the cast, as well as the obvious SFX nodding to the first series. Then there's the directing from Bridesmaids' Paul Feig to look forward to... I want a good story, with new characters... and these GBs are women? Too awesome! I see it as something fresh, new, yet paying homage to the franchise of my youth. Bring it on- and let me be able to bring my young daughters as well.

Star Trek Beyond
Release date - (July 22)

What I like most about the JJ Abrams' Star Trek films is that each can be taken on its own merit. The Roddenberry cannon is untouchable, and well known. Therefore, just as with the original series, there's no need to lay down a running story line to pull in additional titles, ala DC and Marvel's current big screen universe projects. We have Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and all our faves without the muddle of figuring out who is what and why they're there. Thank you.

Suicide Squad
Release date - (August 25)

Aside from this list's December release, no other film has me anticipating pure awesomeness like this one. I first saw the trailer during the Force Awakens previews, and my heart went all a-flutter. It's classic DC, with an amazing stand-alone potential, and the up-righting of the meaning of good and evil. Also, perhaps, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Just saying.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Release date - (December 16)

It's being said that none of us will still be alive when the Star Wars train finally pulls into the station. I like that idea-  this Christmas, we are being introduced to the vehicle that will make that happen. "During the battle, rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star." And so this first spin off of the 1977 Lucas mythos begins with the premise of the beginning- always a great place to start. Rogue One promises to have little to do with the Skywalker Saga, and more with the greater environment that has always existed beyond the faces in the struggle for good and evil. The Force Awakens did a wonderful job drawing in the surrounding setting and characters, but Rogue One will rely completely on the unsung heroes, bringing us the front line soldiers from Hoth. Introducing us to the scouts from Endor. Delving into the rogues of Mos Eisley- and it's about time.